J. Carlton Godlove, II, P.E.

LIttle businessman
and future coach
Williamsport, Maryland
circa 1961

Carl is an Executive and Leadership Coach and founder of Godlove Group LLC. He has nearly forty years' business experience, twenty as CEO. He is an Ontological Coach and graduate of the Newfield Network ICF ACTP school in Boulder, Colorado, and a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Certified Coach. He engages both corporately and privately with executives, organization leadership, startup founders, entrepreneurs and individuals across the U.S. His approach helps individuals and teams improve their effectiveness and create the future and results they desire through enhanced situational and self-awareness.

The foundation for Carl’s experience as coach was laid over twenty years as CEO and more than a decade in the tech industry. As CEO, Carl led his team to turn around, and then transform, a regional consulting engineering firm, taking it from a local service provider to one serving national and international markets. Prior to that, as VP Software and Product Development, Carl led his team to conceive, develop, and bring to market the first interactive, graphic, network analysis simulator for the international pipeline utility industries. Securing a 90% share of the U.S. natural gas market, international growth followed with world-class software products delivered to twenty-three countries.

Carl’s prior experience, providing consulting engineering services to related markets, laid the groundwork for these career-defining opportunities. He is a licensed, professional engineer, a civil engineering graduate from Lehigh University, and an alumnus of Dickinson College in physics and math. He is insatiably curious and credits his Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award to this trait. He invented, designed, and patented a golf device sold worldwide through GodloveGOLF.com, and feeds his curious nature and passion for writing and helping others through BeYourselfBlog.com. There, he makes observations about the world and our place in it. He is an evangelist for living fearlessly and focusing forward, passionately encouraging a state of open-mindedness and curiosity to foster growth and the relentless pursuit of your life purpose and meaningful contribution. This has taken many forms in Carl’s life, including service to dozens of local and statewide community and business organizations, schools, and universities, including Penn State University and the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry. From his roots as a young, professional musician, through his liberal arts and engineering education, to his roles as CEO, entrepreneur, husband and father, Carl brings the full spectrum  of his diverse lifetime of experience to every coaching engagement.

Up Close with…

Carl Godlove, Executive and Leadership Ontological Coach

Want to know more? I was honored this summer to be featured in the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry Summer 2018 issue of Catalyst magazine. "Up Close With..." highlights what I do; why I do it; the thought leadership that supports it; examples of ontological coaching's power; and the other pursuits that feed my curiosity.

Click on the image or here to read the article in a screen-friendly format, or here to see it in its published form.