A Special Note to Entrepreneurs, 
Founders and Family Business Owners

Benefit from my experience, and that of five other business leaders interviewed by Forbes for this article, All in the Family: Business Leaders Share Advice on Working with Relatives.

What do these have in common?

  • Transforming workplace engagement by delivering leading-edge positive psychology directly to employees.
  • Raising the bar for elite athletes through technology that pre-processes performance-killing stressors.
  • Entertaining the masses with messages of hope "disguised" as humorous videos and getting paid for it.
  • Revolutionizing mobility on college campuses without good public transportation.
  • Using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, slashing from days to minutes, the time recruiting spends to identify first-pass, best-fit candidates.
  • Converting plastic bottles into 3D printing filament on your desk.
  • Revolutionizing how financial services are delivered and accessed.
  • Developing young software developers through franchised schools.
  • Radically changing lives by coaching "self care first."
  • Forging a path to financial independence with a new bed and breakfast.
  • Using technology to help business leaders focus on what matters most to measurably increase their effectiveness.

These ideas and initiatives belong to some of the amazing entrepreneurs I'm helping on their journey. And it's always a two-way street. My experience enriches theirs, and theirs enriches mine. After all, not only have I been an entrepreneur most of my life, I still am!

How do I help?

I Coach
I help you identify and remove barriers to progress

 I Mentor
I share what I know and know to be true about entrepreneurship, business and life

I Give Back
I volunteer my time and talent through many outlets that support the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs, including Penn State University and Ben Franklin Partners.

What's your dream?

Is it in the air?   On the ground?
Are you alone?   Do you employ ten?   a hundred?   a thousand?   ten thousand?
The truth is, once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur, no matter your size.
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