The Stakeholder Centered Coaching Process

Better Leaders Better Teams

Successful leaders Better in their roles Prepared to rise

My Mission is Simple
Through the Stakeholder Centered Coaching process, I help successful leaders achieve positive, sustainable change in behavior that is recognized, acknowledged, and beneficial to both the leader and their stakeholders. When the leader shows up better, everyone shows up better.

My Process is Simple and Proven

  • Ask for honest feedback.

  • Build your plan around a clear developmental goal.

  • Be mindful daily to create the change.

  • Follow up regularly with stakeholders for feedback and suggestions to
    1) remain committed and stay on track, and
    2) reinforce the change in your stakeholders’ minds.

  • Measure your results two or three times with mini surveys to gauge your progress.

Guaranteed Measurable Results I get paid at the end if positive, measurable change is both achieved by the leader and perceived by their stakeholders.

Proven Process That’s why it’s called Stakeholder Centered Coaching, a process created and applied successfully by Marshall Goldsmith with 150 of the world’s most powerful CEOs and their teams. Now over 2,500 executive coaches worldwide use this proven process to help take leadership to the next level.

  • Click here for the results of two studies on follow-up and leader effectiveness by Marshall and Howard Morgan. The first studied 86,000 executives and 8 major companies. The follow-up study gathered results from 248,000 people and 31 companies worldwide.

  • Click here to download the two page PDF, “Leadership is a Contact Sport,” that summarizes these results.

Powerful Coaching The Stakeholder Centered Coaching process is simple, but change can be hard. It requires courage, humility, and discipline. For those who are willing to do the work, it can be both career enhancing and life changing. For these leaders, I have a very unique skill set and ability to support them through this because I am also a Newfield Network ICF ACTP Ontological Coach. I was trained and mentored directly by Julio Olalla, co-founder of the art and science of ontological coaching, and coach to world leaders. Your ontology is your way of being. It unconsciously drives your behaviors, consistent with your underlying beliefs. Behavioral change that isn’t supported by an aligned change in belief is short-lived. Permanent, sustainable change occurs when you finally believe in the change. Your feedback, and your perception of that feedback, is key to your success in this process.

Resistance to change is both natural and necessary for a stable life. This is why change is inherently difficult. If it weren’t, each morning you wouldn’t recognize the person in the mirror, nor would anyone else. It’s also why change is hard to recognize in others, even after its occurred. Humans naturally hold on to models of their world and the people in it. So your work is on two fronts. Change yourself. And help others see your change. As an Ontological Coach, I am uniquely qualified and skilled to help you achieve this through the Stakeholder Centered Coaching process.

Relevant Related Experience I also have nearly forty years' business experience, twenty as CEO. I’ve walked this walk. I’ve been in that hot seat. It’s called leadership for a reason. You’re out in front. You’re expected to know where you’re going. And you’re expected to be able to inspire others to help you get there. I learned first hand that if something is standing between you and your optimal performance and effectiveness, the problem, and the solution, lies in you and how you’re showing up. It’s true for me. It’s true for you. You don’t have to look any further for that truth.

Straightforward Requirements If you are unable or unwilling to do the work, you won’t get results and I won’t get paid. So my only requirement for taking and staying in a Stakeholder Centered Coaching engagement, is that you have the courage, humility and discipline to show up and do the work. If you do this, I will unconditionally support you until you realize the change you desire and others see and acknowledge it.

Risk-free Exploration Contact me if you’re curious about this Stakeholder Centered approach for you or someone in your organization. I always warmly welcome that conversation. In the meantime, I invite you to check out this article, "Do I Need a Coach?" as you consider your opportunity for coaching.